About AAA AUTO Group


The AAA Group has been in the market for 26 years. From its headquarters in the Czech Republic, it has expanded into other countries in the region.
Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Hungary
Biggest sales volume/turnover: 80 000 vehicles / 540 mil. EUR (r. 2017) (r. 2013)
Amount of cars in stock: approximately 3,500 daily
According to a study by Ernst & Young the AAA AUTO Group is one of the top ten largest car distributors in Europe.

The four keys to our success

The company has sold over 2 000 000 used cars in its history. What do customers find most valuable about our company?

  • wide range of vehicles – 7,000 cars on any given day overall
  • AAA AUTO is the owner of all the vehicles it sells
  • premium services – when purchasing, and when selling
  • reliable guarantees (lifelong guarantee of legal origin, mechanical guarantee of the vehicle, exchange within 7 days of purchase) 
  • professional and friendly approach

Membership of organizations

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