We own all our cars that is why we can give you the best guarantees on the market

Lifetime money-back guarantee AAA AUTO buys ownership of all of the cars it offers, so it checks the cars carefully for technical and legal problems. With every used car sold by AAA AUTO comes a lifetime 100% money-back guarantee of the car’s legal origin.
24-month guarantee on the mechanical condition of our cars 24 months or 15 000 kilometers run – this is exactly the kind of warranty we offer you on the mechanical condition of the cars available from us. Applies for cars over € 4,000.
107 parameters are inspected in each and every vehicle Our technical inspections are strict. Should any faults be apparent, the car is either rejected or moved down to the inexpensive vehicle section with up to 80% discount.
Mileage status check report The service enables verification of data on the history of cars being bought and sold, so it can help you avoid some of the risks involved in buying a used car.
High turnover + low margins = a favorable price for you e are one of the largest second-hand car dealers in Central Europe. Therefore we can afford to push our margins down to minimum. In this way we can offer you absolutely the best and lowest possible prices.
15 % discount on service We offer an attractive loyalty program for regular customers. We provide guarantee and post-guarantee service for your vehicle as well as routine mechanical repairs and extensive bodywork repairs.
3,500 tested and verified vehicles Don’t compromise. Only huge and diverse range of vehicles enables you to choose according to your taste and requirements so you get exactly what you really want.
2 200 000 satisfied customers At AAA our professional, friendly and informed personnel will asssit you in every way, that is why we have over 2 200 000 satified customers who have purchased cars from us.
You can exchange your purchased vehicle for another one within 7 days If your new car does not meet your requirements, don’t worry. You can exchange it for another one within 7 days after purchase without giving any reason.
No reason for doubts after the test drive At AAA AUTO test drives are not a formality! Other car dealers may not allow you to have a long test drive but at AAA you can try before you buy for as long as you require.
A fair deal on a car sale At AAA AUTO, we always give you a fair deal. You will get help from our trained salespeople, financial services employees and call center operators, and if there are any problems, from our claims technicians.
Try out a car at home Vehicle demonstrations at the customer’s home are a free service that you can order for any car with a price above € 1659,69 €/50 000 and at a distance of up to 50 km from the nearest AAA dealership.



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