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  • Get insured easily and conveniently when buying your car with no wait and frayed nerves
  • We compare the offers of the most important insurance companies
  • Our specialists propose the most advantageous combination of insurance for you
  • We provide bonuses for months with no claims!
  • You can include the insurance in your leasing or credit instalments
  • You can even insure a car which was not purchased in AAA AUTO
  • We will insure any car – a Ferrari, a Hummer or even a Rolls-Royce
  • You leave immediately with a valid green card

Motor third party liability insurance

This insurance is prescribed by law in order to cover damage which you cause with your vehicle. Without MTPL, you cannot drive your car without risking a high penalty. You would find it extremely difficult to pay for damages if you caused a serious accident or worse still if you cause someone serious injury.

MTPL also protects you abroad.

MTPL arranged in AAA AUTO can include:

5 minutes is all you need to get the cheapest motor third party liability insurance!
  • coverage of up to 4 mil. in damages
  • accident insurance for the driver
  • assistance services at home and abroad including financial and legal aid
  • loan of a courtesy car
  • additional windscreen insurance
  • animal collision insurance
  • insurance of the vehicle against natural hazards
  • bonuses reducing the price by as much as 55%

More information about motor third party liability insurance is available here

Fully comprehenisve insurance

Even the best driver can find himself in a situation which ends in a crash, the aftermath of which MTPL alone will not protect you against. This does not cover damage to your car at all. Nowadays, even a simple moment of clumsiness when parking can cost you several hundreds of euros. The danger exists every day that you yourself will do damage to your car or that it will be stolen, destroyed by vandals, or that you will have to wait without a car for several weeks until a complicated accident is settled. Fully comprehensive insurance is fully variable and can be used to cover all risks.

Fully comprehensive insurance arranged in AAA AUTO can include:

  • an excess starting from 0%
  • exclusive assistance services
  • a discount of up to 20% of the cost of insurance
  • the option to choose the scope of risks
    • windscreen insurance
    • theft
    • natural hazards
    • fire or explosion
    • vandalism
    • seasonal collision

More information about fully comprehensive insurance is available here

Living expenses insurance for the event of:

  • loss of employment
  • inability to work
  • invalidity
  • death

If an insured event occurs, a monthly allowance is paid out or a one-off indemnity payment is provided.



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