Odometer Reading Verification

Why is odometer reading certification important for you?

  • A true guarantee of the odometer reading by an independent firm with access to millions of data entries
  • Verification that the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) matches the manufacturer’s records
  • Verification that the vehicle is not listed as stolen in the Czech and/or Slovak Republics
  • Verification of the model year means you won‘t overpay because a car is older than claimed
  • Verification of finance lease contracts so that no leasing company can repossess the car

This service enables verification of data on the history of cars being bought and sold, so it can help you avoid some of the risks involved in buying a used car. In practice this means that anyone who has decided to buy or sell a used car can ask the seller - in this case AAA AUTO - to have the vehicle vetted. Then both parties can be sure that the offered car’s odometer reading is accurate, the year of manufacture is correct, the car is not under lien from leasing and has not been stolen

Vehicles for which there is no clear information regarding their technical condition and mileage can be dangerous. They may not have been serviced properly, so there is a greater risk of mechanical failure.

Mileage and the year of manufacture have the biggest impact on resale value. Rewinding the odometer and falsifying the date of manufacture are the most common deceptive practices used by car sellers. Data from Autogarance Carlife shows that each year in this country, nearly 200,000 cars with rewound odometers are registered or transferred. The new, lowered mileage figure can increase a car’s sale price by as much as 1,000 €, so this practice is putting about billion € in the pockets of dishonest car sellers. When you buy a used car, don’t just look for the lowest price. There are lots of cars on the market with unclear origins and without any service records. Most are sold by the owner through newspaper ads. The risk is enormous. Buy only those vehicles whose  history can be verified, including the real mileage.

We certify vehicles priced over € 4,000. Not enough relevant data is available for cheaper cars, so it is impossible to evaluate them fairly. The important thing with those cars is to evaluate their real mechanical condition.

Odometer reading history

An odometer mileage history graph shows the mileage readings recorded at various service centers and stored in accessible information systems. At a glance, you can the the odometer reading has been adjusted illegally. If the curve rises continuously, but then at one point it drops sharply, it is very likely that someone has manipulated the odometer. According to professionals, some vehicles have had their odometers “tweaked” several times, often by as much as hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Opinion - Zbyňek Merunka

Opinion - Stanislav Huml

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